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Meet Our Friendly Blair Chiropractor in Southgate Dr. Brandon Brock

Dr. Brock is an upper cervical chiropractor that graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic and practiced upper cervical in Phoenix, Arizona, then decided it was time to come back home to Michigan and open up the first upper cervical practice in the downriver area. He first discovered upper cervical after trying traditional chiropractic for years, and after getting under upper cervical care, his migraines and neck pain were completely resolved after a few months. After experiencing how powerful upper cervical specific care is, Dr. Brock dedicated himself to giving the most specific and up-to-date researched techniques. Health is important to Dr. Brock, so he gets his spine checked by an upper cervical chiropractor every two weeks and finds healthy hobbies such as going to the gym, playing pickleball, hiking, walking his dog, and cooking. It is an honor and a privilege for Dr. Brock to serve the people of his hometown.

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