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Are you one of the 39 million Americans suffering from debilitating migraines? How has migraine affected your work or school? Have you ever had to miss a social event or family gathering because of a migraine? Indeed, living with migraines can be a nightmare. This condition often steals the life out of a patient bit by bit, pain after pain, symptom after symptom. But have you ever considered that your posture might be intensifying your suffering? Are you observing proper posture when sitting, standing, or even sleeping? Continue reading to learn how posture problems can aggravate your migraines and how a visit to a migraine chiropractor in Southgate can help boost your current efforts to cope with the pain.


The Role of Posture in Maintaining Optimal Health

Nowadays, most people are often glued to screens, hunched over desks or phones for hours. These seemingly harmless activities can gradually lead to poor posture, contributing to worsening migraine symptoms. This is because poor posture can strain your neck area, especially the two most susceptible bones in the cervical area - the atlas and axis bones.

These two bones, located at the base of the skull, support the head's weight and contribute to the overall spinal alignment. However, continuous slouching and head tilting strain the upper cervical spine and worsen or cause misalignment. These misalignments then become the root of worsening migraine episodes and symptoms, as well as other recurring health concerns like vertigo and heightened sensitivity to pain and pressure.


Your Posture’s Impact on Your Migraine Relief Efforts

Upper cervical misalignment has a ripple effect on the nervous system. Disruption of cerebrospinal fluid flow due to misalignment can irritate nerves and constrict blood vessels, common triggers for severe migraines. Moreover, misalignment can lead to widespread pain.

Surprisingly, many migraine sufferers are unaware of how posture affects their condition. By addressing the root issue with the help of a migraine chiropractor in Southgate, long-lasting relief can be achieved.


Upper Cervical Care for Pain-Free Days

This form of chiropractic care focuses on caring for your upper cervical bones, the atlas, and the axis. Upper Cervical Chiropractors perform safe, gentle, and precise adjustments to restore proper spinal function and relieve pressure on nerves and blood vessels. It's a tailored approach that meets the patients' unique individual needs.

Imagine living a life free from migraines' grip, where pain doesn't dictate your activities. Upper Cervical Care can help you make this happen again by addressing your posture problems in the upper cervical bones. It isn't a quick fix and will take some time and work. Still, this non-invasive method will support your body's natural healing ability, which can help ease your debilitating migraine symptoms and let you live normally again.

posture, migraine chiropractor in Southgate

Visit A Trusted Migraine Chiropractor In Southgate

Don't let poor posture and migraines hinder your well-being. Take back control of your life again! If you need help figuring out where to start, let us guide you. Just book a visit to our office, and we will be happy to explain how postural problems can influence your migraine episodes and how our safe and gentle method can potentially be the care you need.

Your body possesses incredible healing potential, especially with the proper support. We will work with you to address your posture issues and restore proper upper cervical alignment, paving the way for a future free from the debilitating symptoms of migraines.


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Did you know that not all migraines cause painful headaches? This type is called a silent migraine, and more often than not, it causes little to no pain. Find out more about this kind of migraine to determine if you've experienced it at some point. Furthermore, we encourage you to read on to discover how a Cervical Chiropractor in Southgate might be able to turn your life around and relieve your migraine symptoms.

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Are you sensitive to the bright lights in your room? Do you get more headaches when it's sunny outside? Well, we have just the perfect guide for you! As you know, light is an essential factor in preventing migraine attacks. This is because of the strong link between migraines and light sensitivity. This article will discuss this correlation and the benefits of Blair Chiropractic in Southgate for relief.


The Link Between Lights and Migraines

Migraine is a widespread condition that causes migraine sufferers to experience photophobia or sensitivity to light.

There are many theories about what causes this sensitivity. Still, the most accepted explanation is that migraines result from changes in the brain's blood vessels. The cerebral blood vessels swell, restricting blood flow to the head. When this happens, chemicals get released into the space between cells, triggering inflammation in the surrounding tissues. This inflammation can result in pain or discomfort, making it harder for your eyes to focus properly on objects.

So why does light make these symptoms worse? Let's start with what happens when someone has a migraine without photophobia: The blood vessels in their brain are dilated (which means they're wide open). They allow more oxygen-rich blood to flow through those vessels than normal. 

When these blood vessels close down again after an attack starts, they can become narrower than usual because of swelling caused by inflammation. This process is called vasoconstriction, which can cause intense pain and other symptoms like nausea or vomiting.



Light Variations

Many variations of light affect migraine sufferers. Some of them include:

Natural light

Some examples of natural light include sunlight and moonlight. Natural light is generally considered the least harmful to people with migraines because it is less intense than artificial light. However, even natural light can be too bright for some people with migraines. If you are sensitive to sunlight, we suggest wearing sunglasses or using other protective measures while outside. 

Artificial light

This refers to a form of lighting powered by electrical sources. This can include fluorescent lighting, LED, and incandescent lighting. Artificial light is more intense than natural light, so you must always utilize it, especially when you frequently have migraines. 

Blue bulbs are especially dangerous because they overstimulate the eyes, which can trigger a migraine headache in someone who suffers from these conditions regularly. 

Red bulbs are also problematic because they can cause eye strain that can lead to headaches or other symptoms that mimic those caused by migraines.

Consider a Trusted Migraine Relief Option: Blair Chiropractic in Southgate

If you suffer from intense light sensitivity and frequent recurring migraines, don’t despair. There’s a way to reduce light sensitivity and other symptoms associated with migraines. We suggest working with an Upper Cervical professional who practices Blair Chiropractic in Southgate.  

This way, you can potentially reduce or eliminate your symptoms by addressing neck misalignment, one of the leading contributors to chronic pain and conditions like migraines. It can also help with light sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, neck pain, muscle spasms and tightness, tingling sensations in your arm/hand/legs/feet, and more!

How does it work? Worn-out or damaged connective tissues connecting your skull and neck can cause the topmost neck bones - the C1 and C2 - to shift out of place.

Additionally, when your neck muscles are too tight or inflamed due to injury, the C1 and C2 bones can compress or impinge on the nerves connecting your brain and other body parts, causing miscommunication.

If you wish to try Upper Cervical Chiropractic as an approach to your migraine and light sensitivity, we suggest visiting us regularly for Blair Chiropractic in Southgate. Book your appointment with us to see how this technique might be able to redefine your approach to recurring migraines.


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